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Draggable view in Xamarin Forms

I had always wondered how to achieve a draggable view in Xamarin Forms to create some different user experiences. You can definitely do this by using custom renderers, it was impressive how well it worked out after just a few hours spent. Control: Here some brief details on what it can do: There are 3 options to…

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Creating a Zoomable ScrollView in Xamarin Forms

When having a lot of content in a view we might have to lower our text size to be able to show all the content we would like in a single view, but this actually creates an issue for users with vision problems since it might be difficult and challenging for them to read the content.…

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Firebase push notifications made simple in Xamarin

Working with push notifications can be challenging because each platform has its own way of implementing it. Firebase Cloud Messaging allows you to send/receive notifications to a specific device or topics based. It has components for Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android but setting them up and getting it to work properly might be frustrating especially when you are new into this…

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Plugin for uploading files in Xamarin and Windows

Many times in our applications we need to upload files as fast as we can. So the best way to achieve this is using each platform’s own native apis which will speed up considerably our requests. Recently, I just released a plugin for uploading files by doing a multipart request FileUploader Plugin for Xamarin and Windows…

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Applying filters to image in Xamarin Forms

When working in applications that involve image sharing you might need to provide some functionality related to image manipulation like applying filters. But there’s not a built-in way to do this using Xamarin Forms, so that’s when custom renderers come to the rescue. In this post, I will guide you to an implementation to achieve this…

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